Helping an inner well-being program resonate in the workplace.


The Center for Healthy Minds is a global leader in understanding the mind and our emotions through research rooted in neuroscience. The Center's Innovation team asked IDEO to help design a program for visionary corporations to meaningfully engage their employees on the road to a lasting healthy mind.


Design a differentiated, user-centered experience for companies to offer inner well-being to employees through a curriculum-based program and mobile app.


In the first 6 weeks, we delivered a clickable mobile prototype, landing page, content framework, and communication strategy to support investor pitches that helped secure $2M+ in funding. In the final 12 weeks, we incorporated investor feedback into a brand strategy and identity, an iOS app, on-boarding kit, customer dashboard, and business roadmap. 


18 weeks
8 designers


Design & Project Lead

Responsible for scope, budget, schedule, client relationship, project management, brand strategy, visual design, and supporting research and interaction design.

Research & Insights

The team traveled to 3 cities, spoke to over 45 people, and experimented with nearly 25 competitive products. Several insights emerged to help ground our thinking and frame Design Principles.

  • Leverage data to stimulate self-knowledge.

  • Lead with try.

  • Flex and respond to users' schedules.

  • Adapt content and practice structures to match workplace routines.

Process & Prototyping

We explored a variety of areas including program concepts, curriculum formats, mobile interactions, visual identity and language. We sought continuous feedback throughout the process and iterated to make sure our design connected back to several Anchors.

  • Does the design encourage users to reflect and build self-knowledge?

  • Does the design guide the user’s journey, helping them understand how, why & what to do?

  • Does the design offer variety and choice without overwhelming the user with options?


Tend, the first inner well-being app of its kind, offers guided meditation practices, teachings, and science-based games to help users understand and strengthen the four key ingredients of inner well-being—Awareness, Connection, Insight and Purpose.

The app's curriculum offers a recommended path, with options to tailor the practice length and topic based on your personal preference. Over time, the program takes notes of your behaviors and offers practices and assessments that fit more seamlessly into your day. Ambient color changes complement the current weather and time of day.

On-boarding Kit

New users are offered a delightful and premium unboxing experience including Tend VR Goggles and signature green ear-buds.

Customer Dashboard

Anonymous data in a simple customer dashboard allows companies to better understand the their cultural landscape and how they might support and normalize inner well-being in the workplace. 

Thought Leadership

Leveraging The Center's academic legacy and reputation as a global leader in neuroscience research helps grow brand awareness, scale the program, and normalize inner well-being.

Business Roadmap

A 9 month plan to launch, iterate, and improve each component helps the program properly scale while maintaining feasibility and viability.